Couple & Family Counseling in Southaven, Mississippi

Enjoy healthier relationships when you utilize couples and family therapy from Mae Young in Southaven, Mississippi. Whether you have behavioral or communication issues, Mae can help.

Couples Therapy

Rebuild your connection and gain a stronger foundation of love, friendship, and intimacy through couples therapy. Mae works with you to explore various issues in your marriage, including behavioral patterns within your relationship, in order to help you enhance your connection, increase communication, and resolve conflicts. This is accomplished through techniques based in neuroscience.

Couple Resolving Problem — Counselor  in Southhaven,MS

Family Therapy

Learn healthy communication techniques, resolve issues and conflicts, and gain a better understanding of each other when you utilize Mae's family therapy services. During your therapy sessions, Mae provides a safe, structured, and respectful environment for each family member. She aims to enhance connections in order to create a more solid family unit.
Happy Family Enjoying the Summer Day — Counselor  in Southhaven,MS
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