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Welcome to Young and Associates Family Professional Counseling Services, the private practice of Mae C. Young, EdS, Licensed Professional Counselor. Mae Young specializes in Rapid Resolution Therapy™, a treatment method developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, which helps to eliminate painful effects of past experiences and current stressful situations. RRT™ is a powerful tool which transforms distorted thinking and subsequent emotional responses. Clients report feeling peaceful and energized after one to three sessions. They are amazed that the effect lasts, and report significant decreases or complete clearing of anxiety attacks, nightmares, flashbacks, and chronic guilt/shame/anger.

Rapid Resolution Therapy

RRT™ is more effective for treating trauma than other therapy approaches. Traumatic memories are stored differently in the brain. Merely "talking about the event" seems to keep activating the nervous system, thus causing the client to relive the painful experiences. RRT™ involves guided imagery, metaphor, mindfulness, and calming techniques that enable the individual to talk about the event with little or no emotional response.

Counseling & Treatments

Marriage And Relationship Counseling For Couples
Parent Training
Anxiety And Panic
Rapid Trauma Resolution
Family Counseling
Post-Divorce Counseling
Blended Families
Anger Management
ADHD/School Issues
Veterans' Issues
Overcoming Trauma
Crisis Management
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