About Young & Associates

Mae Young has undergraduate degrees in Biology and Medical Technology from the University of Tennessee, and MS and EdS degrees in Counseling from the University of Memphis. She worked as a medical technologist in hospitals for 18 years prior to setting up her private practice in Southaven, MS in 1995. She utilizes cognitive therapy, Bowen family systems theory, anger management, parent training, communication skills, Level II EMDR, and Rapid Resolution Therapy™. She is the first psychotherapist in the Mid-South area to be a practitioner of this new approach, RRT™. Individuals find relief from troubling emotions and behaviors that interfere in their ability to live peaceful, fulfilling, and more hopeful lives. She says, "In all my years of private practice, I have never found another approach to be so profoundly effective in treating the entire range of emotional issues," including:
Past Traumas
(Violence, Abuse, PTSD)
Alcohol/Drug Abuse
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